This site is dedicated to the memory of my son, Zachary Michael Cruz, who was born on March 12th, 2003 in Ventura, California. Zachary passed away unexpectedly on February 27th, 2009, just two weeks before his 6th birthday, when he was hit and killed by an automobile as he crossed the street in Berkeley, California.

I hope that Zachary's untimely passing never overshadows his beautiful and inspiring life. Zach was a truly remarkable kid. He was articulate, funny, smart, and curious. He was an enthusiastic kindergartner and he was a great big brother. He was curious and excited about the world and we had awesome conversations as he got older that continually surprised me—conversations about science, politics, sports, tech, history . . .

He loved The Beatles and I got to be his coach when he played t-ball with North Oakland/South Oakland Little League. Zachary liked baseball. Together we'd root for the Dodgers when they came to San Francisco and we both loved the Cal Bears, too. He built Legos, he watched Star Wars, and he was just learning to read on his own and play Nintendo Wii. But most of all, when I think of Zachary, I think of him as an awesome son. He was my pride and joy. And I continue to be blessed to be his father.

I hope this website will help Zachary’s old friends remember him. I hope it will help his new friends learn more about his life. I hope it will serve as a memorial to a young child who was loved by many. I hope it will raise awareness for pedestrian safety in general and the long road that bereaved parents and families face, specifically in the aftermath of the death of a child.

If you'd like, please feel free to leave us a comment. While people usually are, I would like to remind everyone to be kind and respectful when visiting Zachary's memorial site.

Over the years, lots of people have asked me, "What happened?" when they learn about my son's passing . . . If you'd like to read my account of Zachary's untimely and ultimately preventable death, please read more here.

Thank you for visiting and holding my son's memory in your heart right this moment. Be safe and don't forget, to quote one of Zach's favorite songs, that love is truly all we need!

Yours in remembrance,

Frank Cruz

The Zachary Michael Cruz Foundation

The Zachary Michael Cruz Foundation
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Dear Mr. Cruz, I just read your posting from Sept. 7, 2015. It brought back many memories. I remember the day Zachary was hit & how horrified & sick I felt inside. A needless death. For several years I've passed by Zachary's Corner on occasion, until in Oct. 2014, after returning to work after several months on disability my UCB work location changed & I passed by the corner morning & evening. I enjoyed looking at the many flowers, toys, etc. left for Zachary & I got into the habit of saying a prayer & saying hello to Zachary daily. Now back to my normal work routine I don't pass the corner daily but still somewhat frequently. Everything has been removed from the corner & I've wondered why. I don't want Zachary to be forgotten, & I miss seeing the mementos, but I can imagine a number of reasons why the corner has changed. I'm so sorry for your loss, & may have a sense of your continued sense of loss. My husband passed away on Sept. 22, 2015 from ALS. His symptoms began within a few days of an auto accident, a woman ran a red light, totaling his sturdy 1994 BMW and giving him quite a jolt. That one moment of choice/decision on her part changed our lives forever. I see drivers rolling through stop signs all the time, & I wonder, since when is stopping at a stop sign/red light optional? Please accept my condolences, & know I am one of probably many individuals who never knew Zachary but think & pray for him often.

Judith Mader - December 9, 2015