My two sons and I pass Zachary's Corner every week, going to music class on Calremont Rd. One cannot read the site without tears falling. We have had a few near misses walking one block to school, Berkeley Arts Magnet, crossing Cedar at Milvia. Drivers are nuts. I claimed to want to throw rotten tomatoes at cars that drive through intersections while we are present. My yonunger child made me a cardboard prototype. We contacted th city transportation dept. and have the school and Safe Routes to schools involved, and yet, nearly every day, there are near misses. Thank you for sharing your story. ❤️

Nicky Haller-Wilson - January 6, 2016

Dear Mr. Cruz, I just read your posting from Sept. 7, 2015. It brought back many memories. I remember the day Zachary was hit & how horrified & sick I felt inside. A needless death. For several years I've passed by Zachary's Corner on occasion, until in Oct. 2014, after returning to work after several months on disability my UCB work location changed & I passed by the corner morning & evening. I enjoyed looking at the many flowers, toys, etc. left for Zachary & I got into the habit of saying a prayer & saying hello to Zachary daily. Now back to my normal work routine I don't pass the corner daily but still somewhat frequently. Everything has been removed from the corner & I've wondered why. I don't want Zachary to be forgotten, & I miss seeing the mementos, but I can imagine a number of reasons why the corner has changed. I'm so sorry for your loss, & may have a sense of your continued sense of loss. My husband passed away on Sept. 22, 2015 from ALS. His symptoms began within a few days of an auto accident, a woman ran a red light, totaling his sturdy 1994 BMW and giving him quite a jolt. That one moment of choice/decision on her part changed our lives forever. I see drivers rolling through stop signs all the time, & I wonder, since when is stopping at a stop sign/red light optional? Please accept my condolences, & know I am one of probably many individuals who never knew Zachary but think & pray for him often.

Judith Mader - December 9, 2015

Frankie you did such a beautiful tribute exactly one of the most awesome explorers of this Universe. RIP my beautiful lil grandson.

Grandma Beverly - October 10, 2015

Today I saw someone walking two toddlers across the street while on the phone. I couldn't help but to confront the individual and ask her to please get off of the phone when walking children across the street. It was clear that my message didn't get through to her as she immediately became very aggressive. I couldn't shake off that incident from my mind the whole day. Thinking about Zachary made me feel like I did the right thing by approaching this person. However, I feel discouraged because we don't have a system in place to prevent these kinds of accidents from happening. What more could I have done? What more can I do?

Yvonne - October 10, 2015

Such a wonderful site! Since I only knew Zachary as a little baby; sitting in the back of Frank's Kia with Rage Against the Machine blasting. This is such a great insight to see what a wonderful little man he grew into. My heart has been touched.

Risa - September 22, 2015

Just saying hello. What an honor you've done for your son here by sharing his life with all of us. What a bright, shining light he is.

Laila - September 15, 2015

Hello! I am a freshman living currently at Clark Kerr Campus and I walk by Zachary's Corner almost everyday when I go to study at Sack's. As today is Dia de los Muertos, the sign was beautifully decorated and I was moved to figure out what happened at that corner. I wanted to tell you that your son is beautiful and that I think about him daily. I like that you have set up that space and that it continues to make people aware of pedestrian safety as well as driver consciousness. I also love the website (as an astrophysics major)! I hope that you and your family are doing well and continue in good health! Lots of love, Anna Wysen

Anna Wysen - September 1, 2015