Great Grandma Philhower's Tattoo

Great Grandma Philhower's Tattoo

The Day I Got My First and Only Tattoo

by Jeanette Philhower, Zachary's Great-Grandmother

My first thought was I knew I wanted to do this in loving memory of my second-born great-grandson, Zachary Michael Cruz, who was taken from us way too soon. My second thought was, what would my husband, Zach’s great-grandfather, Gene Philhower, think and what might he say to me when we meet again in Heaven?

I had wanted a tattoo of Mickey Mouse for many years. When Frank asked me to write a little something for Zachary's website, I was going to say Frank made me drink shots of Patron and convinced me to get a tattoo--it didn’t happen exactly like that--but that excuse would work for my late husband.

The tattoo itself is on my left ankle. It is Mickey Mouse with his arms outstretched, ready to give a great big hug to Zachary when we meet again. I hope that Zachary will be the first person I meet when I get to Heaven--Gene will understand. I hope that Mickey and I will know the Grace of our Lord in our first moments there and with arms outstretched, give Zachary a big hug.

Then Zach and I can meet up with Gene and stroll around Heaven, hand in hand. I never dreamed that at the age of 72 I would be grieving the loss of my great-grandson, let alone getting a tattoo or drinking shots of tequila.

But I have dreamed that I died and went to Heaven and Zachary and Gene and I were walking through Heaven, and it was like walking through the most beautiful park you could ever imagine. Zach is the same little boy he was the day he left us. He is holding mine and Gene’s hands and we are lifting him up and swinging him off the ground, and he is laughing and oh, so happy.

I love you and miss you Zach and Mickey and I will see you again some glad day.